We are EBITDA builders and use tech to rapidly scale your business in weeks and not months!

What We Believe
Simpler solutions are more likely right than complex ones. We try to keep it simple so you get better quality at lower cost
What We Do
We engineer amazing Intelligent Automation and Digital Solutions. That's not all, we can also provide business and solution leadership expertise to help you execute your vision
Who we serve
As founders we have been in your shoes. We exist to enable (startups & SMB )those with smaller war chests to dream big and do big
What we specialize in
We are singularly focused on intelligent automation and digital solutions. We only accept projects that we can be passionate about
Our People
We are founders, We are business strategists, We are engineers, and We are top full stack engineers. Most importantly, we are all incredibly passionate about building game-changing solutions
What makes us unique
We are unique because we are not like a typical digital studio. We are digital business builders. We are business as well as technology experts. When you talk with us, you won't encounter the "they don't get it" moment!

Our Services

Our Methodology

Execution Strategy

We work with you to translate your vision and idea into a viable execution strategy and roadmap. To enable this, we apply design-thinking driven robust process to define and prioritize user stories combining both industry and user research.


Next, we work with you to come up with design for the solution. We will iterate the process by embedding targeted-user feedback. If required, we will also build a ‘scaled-down’ prototype to support idea and design validation.


Yay, We now start coding! We use an agile approach that supports devolvement and rapid experimentation. The project will be split into development phases known as sprints, with working software solution incrementally delivered at the end of each sprint (for continuous feedback and validation).

Launch & Support

This is where you go live, to the world. Bug Fixes, Feature iterations, marketing, and maintenance; we'll be at your side until you are ready to take over!


Our News & Blogs

Our Commitment

Thanks for stopping by! Our digital studio is unlike anyone you may have spoken to before.

Our studio is built on premise that pragmatic innovation and execution tied closely to business results (EBITDA/Profits) of our clients is critical to our value proposition. We are committed to conducting business with our clients with uncompromising integrity and professionalism.

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Venkat Chandra

Venkat Chandra
Venkat Chandra

Venkat Chandra

CEO and Founder

VC is Senior leader and a tech entrepreneur with ~ 15 years of experience working with some of the top global firms (Deloitte and EY). He is an expert in building digital businesses, rapid cost optimization using technology and building full-stack digital solutions