Idea Tree

We are a B2B Venture Product Studio

We incubate B2B SaaS startups and digital solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs (not to mention we run SaaS startups too!).

We exclusively focus on solutions @ intersection of AI + Platforms

We have a seasoned team with experience of shipping Full Stack Digital Products and engineering solutions and operating SaaS Products and Platforms

We co-invest in startups and partner with ambitious businesses and entrepreneurs too!

Make your vision happen!

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What we do

We are a unique and a hybrid model combining the power of Development Studio + Venture labs + Micro PE to help build capital efficient B2B Startups. We truly would love to help 100 Startups bloom by 2025!

Idea to MSP (Minimal Sellable Product) in 3 weeks

You have an option to Build, Build and Build until everything is perfect (but no customers and no money left!) or build > iterate > build > iterate rapidly until you find your PMF. We help you build your MSP rapidly so you can get started in your quest to finding PMF

BYOI (Bring Your Own Idea!)

You have an amazing idea (The next unicorn may be?) and you want a team to make your dream a reality. We complement you in skills you don't have (may be the tech build or product management or the designer or growth marketer or all of them

Build With Us! - Venture Labs

No Idea but you are audacious to be a founder and ready to put in the effort? No Problem. Our investment ($$$), our software assets / ideas and our startup support team is looking for Founders to help build a thriving B2B SaaS businesses

We build kick-ass products and ventures

We are experts at what we do and more importantly and we have quite a few battle scars to prove it (Good news for you: You get to avoid some of those scars!)

1. Knorket

KKnorket is OS For Experience Orchestration (ExO) and a start-up incubated and run by our Venture Studio. The platform orchestrates Machine + Method + Mind through a Marketplace-first ecosystem to enable real-time experiential insight needs with ridiculous ease, elegance and effectiveness.

Understand the Problem | Dubstech Protothon 2020
Understand the Problem | Dubstech Protothon 2020

2. HR Tech Software

A digital talent marketing platform dedicated to talent-centric storytelling told through social channels and job ads. As an Idea-to-MSP client, we helped rapidly develop SaaS application that helps mine for compelling talent & culture stories using allgorithms that will analyze for authentic employee experience.

3. AI-Driven FinTech

An Idea-to-MSP client, our team developed product augmenting expert work of capital market analysts with Augmented AI solution. Using NLP modeling, we enabled expert analysts  with a digital 'assistant' to help them comb through earnings data efficiently and with greater insight than ever

Understand the Problem | Dubstech Protothon 2020
Understand the Problem | Dubstech Protothon 2020

4. Legal Tech Software

Our client is building an AI-powered (human-in-the-loop) marketing and sales robo assistant. As part of our fractional CPO/CTO services, we led the product roadmap and management of the tech and ops team at a critical time of transition and set stage for major revamp

Some of our clients and partners

We are blessed to have had a great clients and partners that we have worked with

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